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Hubba Wheels Hummers Skateboard Bearing (Pack of 8)

Hubba Wheels Hummers Skateboard Bearing (Pack of 8)

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Hubba Hummers bearings carry fun vibes and serious performance! Manufactured with high impact skating in mind, these bearings are low noise, low vibration and long lasting. Their rigid cages enhance performance and come pre-lubricated.

Double seals protect the inner balls from dirt and debris yet are simple to remove for cleaning and maintenance.

*Set of 8 bearings accommodates 4 wheels. (Skateboard, Longboard)
*Set of 16 bearings (Two packs of 8) accommodates 8 wheels. (Roller Skates, Inline Skates)
*These are 8mm which are standard for most roller skate and skateboard axles.

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