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RollerBones Estro Jen Bowl Bombers (8 Pack)

RollerBones Estro Jen Bowl Bombers (8 Pack)

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RollerBones Estro Jen Bowl Bombers (8 pack)

Estro Jen Bowl Bombers are a colorful collaboration between RollerBones and Moxi's founder and president, Michelle Steilen (aka Estro Jen). Available in 57mm or 62mm, each size offers benefits depending on the skater's skill level and preference. The taller 62mm size is great for beginners who are learning or improving their pumps, and they also promote the speed that bowl and big vert skaters need. Shorter 57mm wheels will be more stable by virtue of them being closer to the ground and also more maneuverable for tricks. Less wheel means more clearance for grind trucks and blocks to do their thing! Both sizes share the same 30mm width and 101A hardness and each of the four wheels in a pack are different colors - blue, orange, purple, and yellow - so you are guaranteed to have a bright buffet of Bowl Bombers each and every time.


  • Set of 4 Wheels
  • Hardness 101A
  • Height 57mm, or 62mm
  • Width 30mm
  • Weight (per Wheel)
  • Colors Orange, Blue, Purple, Yellow
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